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    As consumer habits change, the Click & Collect solution has tended to become widespread in many sectors. Many retailers and companies are adapting and opting for a sales strategy that is simple, quick to implement and easy for them and their customers to use, in order to perpetuate their turnover and continue to ensure optimal customer service. 

    True partner of your business, Lockall allows you to rent a specific storage unit dedicated to your click & collect service.

    Who is click & collect for?

    If click & collect can be useful for individuals who regularly send or receive parcels, this distribution service is perfectly suited for retailers and small businesses that have a physical store, an e-commerce or online store. 

    You can then benefit from this service for the reception of your goods as well as for the collection of your customers' orders by giving access to a dedicated space. 

    In order to benefit from this delivery solution, the customer can place his order on your website, by email, sms, phone or on social networks. You can then prepare the order and leave it in your dedicated space for your customer's attention. Different strategy from in-store pick-up which usually requires the customer to wait a few days before being able to collect his order, the click & collect method facilitates your logistics and allows a flexible and almost instantaneous pick-up.

    The advantages of click & collect

    Beyond allowing the maintenance and the development of the clientele, the solution of the click & collect presents some not negligible advantages as well for the retailer as for his customer: 

    • Time and delivery cost savings for customers

    • Since there is no need to pack and send packages, logistics management is simplified

    • Flexibility and proximity

    • Receipt of your deliveries or collection of your sales

    Why use our Haussmann-Saint-Honoré click & collect area?

    Fully aware that click & collect continues to gain momentum, we at Lockall have decided to help you offer an innovative and facilitating service. And for your strategy to be as effective as possible, your storage point must be optimally organized.

    You will have the possibility to rent a storage unit in Paris 8th district, an ideal area for a local service and in complete safety, a few steps away from the Place de l'Etoile, the Champs Élysées and the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. The storage unit will have a surface area ranging from 0.5 to 30 m² and will be able to benefit from the click & collect service in order to efficiently orchestrate your activity and the management of your deliveries, stocks and orders.

    You will be able to plan an area where the orders to be collected will be stored in order to find them easily when your customers come to pick up their purchases. You can also, whether you are a Lockall customer or a professional, specifically rent a click & collect box to send and receive your parcels without you having to be present. All you have to do is give temporary access to your dedicated click & collect space to your delivery person, your customer or a member of your family using the encrypted access technology with which all our boxes are equipped. This allows you to give access only to the dedicated space and not to your own storage unit in a flexible and secure way.