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    Between moving in and moving out, it is common to have to store furniture, boxes and other personal or professional belongings for a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months. Renting a self-storage unit can be a perfectly appropriate solution. Available to both individuals and businesses, Lockall's storage units will allow you to store all of your belongings in a secure, digitalized space that is sized to fit your needs.

    Why should I rent a storage unit?

    used by individuals in the context of a move. It is generally a temporary solution that will give the opportunity to store furniture and other belongings before moving, for example, in a new home that requires work. The risks of damaging furniture and objects will then be avoided and the work can be done in a serene and faster way.

    used by the private individuals within the framework of a removal. It is generally a temporary solution that allows furniture and other belongings to be stored before moving into a new home that requires work, for example. The risks of damaging furniture and objects will then be avoided and the work can be done in a serene and faster way.

    Professionals who have many storage needs will be able to take advantage of the practicality of being able to store business or computer equipment, archives, samples, office furniture, stocks of goods, in a safe room that meets the needs of the area.

    Lockall boxes are different from those offered by moving companies?

    Although it is very common to see storage services offered by moving companies, this type of solution does have some drawbacks :

    • This storage service is usually offered in conjunction with a moving estimate and the storage dates often correspond to very specific dates
    • Opening hours are generally limited
    • Removing or adding assets can sometimes be complex or restrictive
    • Storage conditions may not be optimal

    Lockall propose des unités de self-stockage dont la taille varie de 0,5 à 30 m² et que vous pouvez utiliser librement. La technologie adoptée par l'entreprise vous permet d'accéder librement à votre unité de stockage à des heures flexibles et de manière totalement indépendante grâce à votre accès personnalisé par smartphone. 

    Outre cet avantage, le fait que vous n'ayez qu'à utiliser votre smartphone pour accéder à votre unité de stockage garantit que cette ouverture sans contact est très flexible et offre une plus grande sécurité en cette période de crise sanitaire.

    How much does it cost to rent a locker at Lockall?

    For your convenience and transparency, all our prices are displayed on our website so that you can make an instant online reservation without any unpleasant surprises and without the need for an additional quote.

    The price of your self storage unit rental may vary according to certain criteria such as the size of your unit (from 0.5 to 30 m²), the proximity of the chosen entrance, the insurance level you choose and the rental period.

    To conclude, Lockall self storage units allow you to, among other advantages:

    • Very high level of security
    • Freedom of access
    • Choice of the size of the box
    • Flexibility of rental duration
    • Autonomous access and
    • Covid secure