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    Storage & craftsman

    As a craftsman, your equipment or tools can quickly become cumbersome, you need easy access to them and you need to keep them securely in order to be sure that you will find them in good condition, so you need a dedicated and secure storage space. 

    Allowing you to store, stock and warehouse all your professional equipment in an organised and secure manner, the self-storage solution becomes your best ally for the organisation of your business.

    What are the advantages of using a storage unit for a craftsman?

    As tradesmen need to be able to access their equipment at any time and to keep an eye on their stock, opting for a self-storage solution offers clear advantages in terms of logistics and coordination. For example, when starting up a business, during a seasonal peak or to optimise your daily logistics, a self-storage solution will allow you to store all your equipment and your stock of goods in complete safety without having to clutter up your company premises or your home. 

    What equipment can be stored in a storage unit?

    Whether it is tools, specific materials, bulky or not, archives, etc., your professional equipment must be stored in the most practical and secure way possible to avoid any risk of damage or, worse still, theft. 

    A storage unit allows the craftsman to store a large part of his equipment in a secure, organised and flexible manner. This can include :

    - POS (point of sale) materials

    - Tools and equipment, especially for construction companies

    - Administrative archiving (estimates, invoices, balance sheets, commercial documents, etc.)

    - Samples

    - Dry, non-perishable goods

    On the other hand, materials considered dangerous or representing a risk such as pesticides, heavy metals, nitrates, flammable products, corrosive materials, etc. are prohibited*.  


    The benefits of storage at Lockall 

    Whatever your activity as a craftsman, whatever the size of your company, Lockall offers you a self-storage solution perfectly adapted to your needs. 

    Airy, healthy and perfectly secure, our storage units, which vary in size from 0.5 to 30 m², will enable you to store and preserve your professional equipment in excellent conditions, giving you complete peace of mind. 

    Equipped with an encrypted and contactless digital access system, all our boxes allow you flexible and unlimited access 7 days a week over a wide range of hours so that you can use your equipment whenever you want.

    A much more flexible and adaptable solution than that offered by a traditional furniture storage facility or a long-term commitment, our storage units can be adapted to your development and your projects, so you can opt for a larger or smaller storage space depending on the development of your business and your needs. 

    For the sake of transparency, all the prices of our storage units are indicated on our website so that you can choose the best solution according to your needs in terms of rental period and surface area. Unlike other solutions, you don't have to pay any administration fees, access fees, charges, property or housing taxes.