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    Self-employed entrepreneurs and e-merchants, opt for a storage solution

    If you are a self-employed entrepreneur or an e-merchant, your stock, your goods but also your equipment and your archives are precious but can quickly take up a lot of space. Instead of piling them up in the corners of your premises or your home, opt for a solution perfectly adapted to your activity: renting a self-storage unit. 

    What is the advantage of using a storage unit?

    Whether it's a one-time or permanent need, one of the main reasons for needing a storage space is lack of space. Between furniture, computer equipment, archives, and other elements related to the life of the company, when this one develops, it quickly becomes necessary to be able to store everything serenely with the guarantee to be able to find them in the same state as they were deposited there. Lockall becomes the ideal solution for quality self storage. 

    Expand your business with storage

    If your activity as an auto-entrepreneur or as an e-merchant is part of the sale of goods, although your status allows you a lot of autonomy and sometimes even the possibility to work from home, storing your stock at home may, at some point, pose a space problem. Moreover, if your home is rented, your lease does not provide for storage conditions, you could be exposed to certain limits concerning your insurance. 

    Opting for a self-storage solution will therefore be very useful for your business development since you will be able to store, in an optimal way, all your stock but also all the material necessary for your communication such as your POS. Ventilated and spacious, this type of space allows you to classify your products more methodically, to label them and to store them more easily. 

    Moreover, as your material has a high monetary value, it is crucial that you choose a secure space to protect you from any danger of break-in or theft that could be catastrophic for the financial sustainability of your business.

    The benefits of storage at Lockall

    In order for you to store all your company's material in perfect security, Lockall offers you storage units adapted to your needs. Ranging from 0.5 to 30m², the surface area you choose to have will offer you the possibility to store your stock, your archives, confidential documents, computer equipment and others in a secure, healthy box that meets the latest fire prevention standards. 

    Lockall offers you a technology that allows you to open your storage unit with a personalized digital key. You can be reassured that your goods are safe and that you can work with peace of mind. Moreover, the current health context that we are going through requires a maximum of barrier gestures, this contactless access system only reinforces your security.  

    Ultra-secure, economical and flexible solution compared to a traditional storage facility or a rental lease, our rates are clearly displayed on our website so that you have no unpleasant surprises when you make your reservation online and our flexibility combined with the encrypted digital key opening technology allows you to access your goods whenever you want, over a wide range of hours.