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    Whether you run a physical business, an online shop, a food truck or any other activity that requires a lot of storage, your stock needs to be stored in a fully dedicated and secure storage space. Self-storage is a flexible, practical and ideal solution for any business.

    Self-storage: an ideal solution for storing your stock of goods

    Whether you are planning to increase, diversify, organise and optimise your business or have an intense seasonal peak that requires you to have sufficient reserves in order to avoid stock-outs, goods generally need to be stored in an organised manner so that you have an optimal view of the control of your flows at all times. 

    A suitably sized rental unit and flexible storage becomes the ideal solution for the logistics and performance of your business or e-commerce.

    Whether your storage needs are occasional or long term, choosing a secure self-storage facility means that you don't have to invade your office or home (where your home insurance does not usually cover the storage of professional equipment) with your goods, but also that they can be stored in a safe, healthy and organised manner. 

    What are the advantages of storing goods at Lockall? 

    Offering a wide range of storage units in different sizes from 0.5 to 30 m², Lockall's self-storage solutions can be adapted to the needs of each professional and business owner. 

    Access to the site and your box is controlled via an ultra-secure encrypted digital key directly through our application and the site is under video surveillance 24/7. 

    Less restrictive than a traditional storage company or rental company, Lockall offers you the possibility of choosing a storage unit that you can choose according to the needs of your business and to have unlimited access to it, over a wide range of hours, 7 days a week, whatever the duration of the rental period that you need.

    All our boxes are ventilated to guarantee optimal storage of your stock. 

    Flexible and scalable solution, whether your stock of goods increases or decreases, you can opt for a larger or smaller storage unit at any time. 

    Finally, to allow you to have an economical storage adapted to your needs, all our prices are displayed in full transparency on our site so that you have no unpleasant surprises when you book online.