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    Why use a storage unit to store your POS material?

    If your company regularly uses POS (Point of Sale Advertising) during commercial exchanges, trade shows and other professional events, this material, which can be more or less cumbersome, can quickly invade your premises and encroach on the comfort of your work space if you do not have enough space to store it. As your sales material must not be damaged, a self-storage solution is quite appropriate to keep it safely in a secure and suitable place. 

    The importance of properly storing and managing your POP

    Your POP material is very important for your company because it must represent your brand image in the best possible way so that you can, among other things, make sales and find new business partners. By storing it in unsuitable places where it could be damaged, the quality of the supports would be impacted and your image with it if you had to expose badly maintained, damaged or faded communication tools.

    The installation of a stand generally requires the use of bulky elements such as voluminous furniture, posters, samples, brochures, screens, interactive supports and other demonstration tools. These different supports are often fragile and their handling must be meticulous, as well as their conservation if you do not wish to have to reinvest in POS material for each event.

    By opting for an adapted, healthy and secure storage unit, you will be able to store all your POP material in optimal conditions in order to preserve its quality and safety until its next use.

    Our storage solutions

    Allowing you to store all your communication tools in a rental unit close to your company's premises or to the usual place of exhibition of your stand, Lockall provides you with a self-storage solution perfectly adapted to your needs. With a surface area ranging from 0.5 to 30 m², you can be sure that your POS material will be stored safely and in an optimal way to keep them in good condition and long-lasting.

    To offer you maximum security, the digital key technology used in all our boxes allows you to open yours with a personalized key contained in an application directly installed in your smartphone. This ultra-secure and contactless opening is an additional asset in the current health context.

    Perfectly ventilated, your storage unit will ideally preserve your POP displays in a healthy atmosphere and a site that complies with the latest fire prevention standards.

    The Lockall storage solution allows you to have free access to your storage unit over a wide range of hours and in a completely independent manner to retrieve or deposit your material 7 days a week without having to inform anyone.

    For a completely transparent solution, all our rates are displayed on our website so that you have no unpleasant surprises when you make your reservation online. The rates depend on the size of the box you choose, the duration of the rental and the options you choose.