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    Whether you store family furniture, crockery, archives, computer equipment or even your stock of goods, your POS material, materials or equipment related to your professional activity in a storage unit, insurance for the latter is a legal obligation, as for an apartment or a car, whether you are a private individual or a professional, you must insure your belongings and cover all the effects that you will store.

    What does self-storage insurance cover?

    Since self storage insurance is designed to protect all of your belongings in your storage unit based on their replacement value, we at Lockall offer our customers insurance tailored to our business in our contracts to cover all of your belongings on a comprehensive basis.

    Although this type of insurance is mandatory, at Lockall, our storage facilities are regularly and thoroughly checked for the condition of the electrical installations and fire equipment (smoke detectors, extinguishers, etc.). All our boxes are ventilated, our site is equipped with video surveillance that films and records 24/7 and all access is via our encrypted access technology on your smartphone application, which represents a very high level of security for you and your belongings. 

    Despite everything Lockall does, should your storage unit be affected, your coverage will provide coverage for the goods stored depending on the policy you choose. 

    How do I get insurance for a self-storage unit?

    When you reserve your storage unit, you will have the opportunity to choose your level and opt for one of our insurance policies specially adapted to your needs. By subscribing to the insurance level of your choice to cover the goods you are going to store in your storage unit, you will not have to take any other steps. The insurance will start and end automatically, on the same dates as your storage unit rental contract.

    How much does a storage unit insurance cost?

    In the same way that you choose a home insurance rate based on the value of the goods you have at home, self storage insurance will also depend on the value of the things you store in your box. 

    You will have the choice to opt for different insurance coverage defined by value levels (see our conditions). 

    If you are not sure which option to choose, do not hesitate to ask our team for advice.