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    Box rental and archive storage

    If you have a professional activity that requires you to have and keep numerous paper documents, these tend to accumulate very quickly and a lack of space in the company can quickly set in. Rather than being overwhelmed by an astronomical quantity of physical archive boxes, the solution of renting a storage unit is available to you. 

    Adopt a storage solution to store your archives

    There are several reasons why administrative documents or other business records need to be stored in a dedicated self-storage facility. 

    For tax, legal or social reasons, certain professions are required to keep paper archives for six years and sometimes even longer, especially for liberal professions such as lawyers, notaries and many other professionals. These archives such as invoices, contracts, accounting files, etc. inevitably end up taking up a lot of space. Storing them in a secure location not only helps to clear up the clutter in the company's premises, but also means that only current files need to be kept close at hand. This makes for a much more pleasant working environment.

    A change of premises or a move to offices that are more or less spacious than the previous ones can also explain an urgent need to store confidential files in a safe place during the transfer. Self-storage is ideal for archiving. Perfectly secured, you are assured that your documents are well kept and perfectly preserved whatever the duration for which you wish to store them.

    Benefits of archival storage at Lockall

    Offering self-storage solutions adapted to your needs, Lockall provides you with rental boxes ranging from 0.5 to 30m² so that you can store, in a strategic location, all the documents and physical archives that you cannot destroy or computerize. 

    Your paper documents require optimal storage conditions, especially for the most fragile or important of them, Lockall storage units are safe and indoors, so your archives will retain their integrity. 

    Allowing access over a wide range of hours and without the need to notify us in advance, you can go there at your convenience, at any time of the day, to retrieve or deposit other documents safely. The technology of the boxes allows you to lock and unlock your door with a secure key generated by the application that you will only have to download in your smartphone, this possibility of autonomous move-in without contact also ensures a reinforced sanitary security.

    No matter how long you wish to store your archives and other documents, we display our rates on our website in full transparency so that you have no unpleasant surprises on the bill. Our rates depend on the size of the storage unit and the duration of the rental period. For more simplicity, you can directly make your self-storage reservation online or contact our teams so that they can accompany you in your project.