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    If you have opted for a self storage solution in order to optimize the space of your home or business premises, providing a good packing material adapted to your belongings is an essential step, whether it is to protect your goods for transportation or if they are to be stored for an indefinite period.

    To do this, the first step is to plan the boxes and the protection material. If many individuals or professionals still make the mistake of collecting boxes from supermarkets for the sake of saving money, they quickly realize that these boxes are fragile and do not allow them to optimize the space in their box because of their different sizes and qualities. Moreover, some of them can be damaged or worse, contaminated by food residues or insects. 

    Buying the right boxes and packing materials is an important act that will allow you to keep your goods safe and durable during your transport and storage. The same goes for the packing material which must be adapted to your goods. 

    Why do we need boxes and packing materials?

    When you choose to store your belongings in a storage unit, no matter how long you store them, you will certainly want to get them back in the same condition as when you left them there. Moving your belongings requires taking precautions, and transporting them can only be done carefully if you don't want to damage anything before they arrive in your storage unit. 

    The most important thing is to provide boxes and packing materials that are perfectly adapted to the items you are going to store. The ideal is to opt for solid boxes of adapted sizes in order to optimize the storage of your box. 

    Find everything you need on our site to protect all your belongings 

    In order to facilitate your move and to allow you to store all your belongings in the best conditions, Lockall offers you on its online store everything you need for the transport and protection of your furniture, dishes, mattresses, paintings, clothes, etc. All at very competitive prices! 

    From standard boxes to those specifically designed for bottles, books or clothes, to markers, bubble wrap, adhesive rolls and blankets, nothing is left to chance so that you can move all your belongings with complete peace of mind. Moreover, in order to respect the environment, some of our products are recycled (bubble wrap, PVC boxes)!