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    Secure, clean and innovative spaces

    You have decided, whether you are a private individual or a professional, to opt for a self-storage solution but you are wondering about the quality of the storage centers in terms of security, cleanliness, comfort and innovation? With Lockall, all your belongings will be well taken care of!

    A secure storage unit

    Allowing you to choose a storage unit with a surface area ranging from 0.5 to 30 m², Lockall makes the security of your storage space a priority. From the access to the center, to the parking lot, to the elevator and to your storage unit, everything is done to ensure that you can rest assured that the premises are safe. 

    Your site is equipped with alarms and a large number of video surveillance cameras operating 24/7, each access to the storage unit is done by application via encrypted technology (used by banks / ISO27001: 2013 standard). Thus, your storage unit and your goods are perfectly secured. 

    For added security, the opening of each box is done via your encrypted digital key on your own smartphone, no more security constraints of your lock.

    Your site also meets the latest standards in terms of fire safety.

    A clean storage facility 

    The cleanliness of your storage center is fundamental to ensure that you can keep all your belongings in good condition for as long as you rent a self-storage facility. Hygiene is one of Lockall's most important criteria. In addition, each box is ventilated and screened, which allows you to have good storage conditions for the longevity of your furniture and belongings. 

    Lockall offers innovative storage solutions 

    If the digital key access technology is already a guarantee of innovation (Lockall is indeed the first French actor on the market of the storage centers to use this technology), another element can testify of the innovative side of our offer: the complementary service of click & collect. 

    Addressed to private individuals as well as to professionals, you will have the possibility to receive your goods as well as your parcels or to leave a parcel for collection in a selected dedicated box, even during your absence (you will just have to give a temporary digital access to your deliveryman or to a third person via the application of your smartphone).

    Another new feature: a waiting room will allow you to wait in peace for a delivery or for the movers to finish loading.