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    If you are considering a self-storage solution for a move, an expatriation, a construction project, or as part of your professional activity to store your goods and other materials, the price of your storage space will depend on several criteria. 

    More secure, healthy and flexible than a storage solution that often imposes inconvenient time constraints or a lease that would commit you to a long term contract, a storage unit rental allows you to store your furniture and other belongings in the same secure, healthy place, adapted to your needs. Economical, tailored to your needs and transparent, this is how Lockall's storage space rental prices are determined.

    The size of your storage unit

    Lockall offers storage units of various sizes ranging from 0.5 to 30 square meters, as with any real estate, this criterion of surface area will be a determining factor for the rental price. It is thus necessary that you opt for a surface which corresponds to your needs for storage and access. If these needs change over time, our storage unit rental offer is flexible and you will have the possibility of exchanging yours for a larger or smaller one, depending on the evolution of your needs.

    Insurance of the storage unit

    Although our storage units are perfectly secured 7 days a week and 24 hours a day by an alarm and video surveillance system, in the same way that insurance is compulsory for a property, our activity imposes an obligation to insure the goods in each of the units. You will be able to choose your insurance level when you make your reservation. This multi-risk insurance will allow you to cover your personal and/or professional goods that you will store in your storage unit. 

    The location of the box in the Lockall center

    When you reserve your storage unit on our site, you will have the option of choosing a storage space with an economic, standard or premium location. This criterion allows you to choose the proximity of your storage unit to the entrance of the floor depending on availability. The premium storage units allow you to have a close access. 

    As we want to offer you the best storage unit rental deals at the right price, we have chosen to display all our rates in total transparency on our website so that you have no unpleasant surprises when you book online. Our storage space rates are all-inclusive and do not include any additional fees (no deposit, application fees, security deposit, taxes or fees) and the contactless technology with which all our storage units are equipped saves you from even buying a lock!