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    If for reasons of lack of space, change of personal life, moving, construction, expatriation or for reasons of storage needs in the framework of your professional activity you need a self-storage space, Lockall is your solution!

    Having in heart to bring you a perfectly secured, digital, facilitating, transparent and innovating solution for you and your goods, Lockall stands out from its competition thanks to its digitalized centers.

    The advantages of digital self storage

    At a time when most furniture storage facilities and traditional storage centers maintain offers to rent storage units without any real details regarding their conditions of use and rates, Lockall allows you to opt for a transparent self-storage solution that ensures you autonomy, security and increased management of your own storage unit. 

    In order to save you precious time and avoid the endless exchanges to obtain a simple rental estimate, with Lockall, your storage unit reservation is done entirely online. Unlike our competitors, you won't have to contact us to find out our rates because, for the sake of transparency, all our prices are displayed on the site so you can choose the best solution. 

    If you need help, support or advice, a team of professionals is there to help you in your project.

    Finally, while many storage facilities provide box security based solely on a lock and padlock, our digital solution is sure to change your idea of a storage box. 

    What does Lockall's digitalized experience change?

    The last few years have totally changed our habits of consumption, work, and living in the broadest sense, the trend is inexorably moving towards flexibility, mobility and digital. Fully aware of this, Lockall has chosen to focus on a maximum of digitalized services in order to bring you an optimal experience. 

    From your contract subscription to the online store to our application using new technology, everything has been entirely thought out for an optimal customer experience.

    You will be able to access your storage unit directly from your smartphone in one click thanks to your digital key. 

    The application and your customer area linked to this technology as well as to your box will allow you to manage your storage space remotely: activation of temporary access to a third party, simplified online subscription, find your invoices, etc. 

    Finally, to bring an additional innovative touch, Lockall offers you boxes entirely dedicated to click & collect so that you can continue to develop your business or simply to receive and send your parcels.