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    Storage & Flexibility

    Many businesses and self-employed people are often faced with a severe lack of space to store their documents, archives, POS material, furniture etc. The current trend has accelerated the development of teleworking in many sectors but also profoundly changed our habits, although this mode of work can have many advantages, the fact of having to store goods and professional affairs at home can lead to a lack of space. In contrast to furniture storage, renting a Lockall box becomes a perfect solution to work in good conditions, by opting for a flexible and secure box rental: the flex office concept appears as an obvious one.

    Change your organisation by opting for self storage

    In the business world, many companies are faced with a lack of space due to the configuration of their premises, the increase in activity or the need to carry out work. Between furniture, archives, invoices, contracts, internal documents, etc., the elements linked to business life are numerous and the need for storage is rapidly increasing. A flexible storage solution must therefore be able to respond to the organisation. 

    Beyond this aspect, current events and the advent of digital technologies have profoundly changed the very principles of work organisation, starting with the function of the office. The intranet and the Cloud now allow people to work from anywhere, and a recent study indicates that in France, the average vacancy rate for a workstation is 40%. The flex office is therefore becoming an increasingly common way of working. 

    Renting a storage unit is therefore very important. Offering flexibility of space, this means of storage ensures the possibility of completely reviewing and perpetuating the work space and its organisation.

    The benefits of storage at Lockall 

    More flexible than a traditional storage solution or rental agreement, Lockall's storage unit rental allows you to choose a secure, healthy storage unit adapted to your needs, in a strategic location, while benefiting from a flexible and evolving rental agreement. 

    Allowing you to store all your business belongings in a box ranging in size from 0.5 to 30 m², you can be sure that your documents, archives, furniture, goods, etc. will be stored safely and optimally.

    Equipped with encrypted digital key access technology adopted by the company that makes your security a priority, each box benefits from a contactless opening, your access to the storage site, to the lifts and to your box is done directly with your application.

    In terms of flexibility, this self-storage solution allows you to access your storage unit independently over a wide range of hours, so you can collect or deposit your belongings 7 days a week. You benefit from real access control as well as unlimited access.

    Another guarantee of flexibility, which is less restrictive than a classic storage solution or rental lease, is that you decide how long you want to rent your box, and your contract is renewed without commitment.

    For the sake of transparency, all our prices are displayed in net on our site so that you can make your reservation online without any unpleasant surprises!